Motion Graphic Designer based in West Yorkshire, UK
Web Design
Photo & Video
Audio & Vj
3D Software
Operating Systems

Web Design


Photo & Video

3D Software

Known Operating Systems

Windows Apple OS Linux OS

Other Knowledge

  • operating/maintaining servers
  • installing/configuring routers
  • maintaining IT equipment

About Me

Determination and hardworking are the basic evidence and the most valuable proof of what I have become today. I am a young artist, eager to find challenges, seek affirmation and discover lots of opportunities.

In 2014 I graduated at the University of Bradford, where I read BSc Computer Animation and Visual Effects, which I enjoyed a lot. This put me in a very good position to understand the basic concepts of the work I do today, namely, motion graphics and video editing.

I am also interested in photography, which represents a skill that I am perfecting with every chance I get. Now I am able to take part in various photo sessions and provide my clients good quality photos. Part of the sessions where I attended as a photographer are presented here, under the ‘Portfolio’ tab.


Contact Me

I'm not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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