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This was my first day working at BAF this year.. I had the opportunity to attend the Welcome Talk hosted by Ian Palmer (one of my university lecturers) at The University of Bradford and Futurlab’s presentation followed by Viktor Antonov from ZeniMax Media.

BAF Game: Futurlab – The Power of 2D

Chris Goff, Jack Hamilton and Callum Roberts, the guys from Futurlab’s art department, talked about Velocity 2X, their brand new sci-fi platformer and shoot ‘em-up indie game which will be soon released on PS Vita & PS4. They revealed some environments, technologies and characters that provide the backdrop for the game but they also showed us a pre-alpha gameplay footage along various elements featured in the game.

Overall the presentation was good, but since I’m not interested too much in indie game development I didn’t prepare my research at all. I have to mention that I was surprised to see how they managed to create the entire game environment from seamless textures repositioned along the way just to keep the entire game exciting by using their proprietary software.

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BAF Game: Viktor Antonov

What can I say….I was expecting a great presentation from Victor Antonov, the creator of Dishonored environments, and I can’t say that I was disappointed. His presentation was full of exciting artwork, starting from urban architecture to sci-fi environments. His 16 years of work in art and design are definitely saying it all. Not to mention his contribution to Valve’s Half-Life 2, City 17 and the Combine enemies. I will definitely go and see Renaissance, a French film that was picked at BAFTA award for Outstanding Art Direction in 2006, as he showed us some slides that really caught my attention.

There are few photos of him and his presentation, showing different city layouts and sketches. Sorry for the low quality of the photos, but I wasn’t planning to go and see the presentations during that day. Enjoy!


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