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Some might say that Mondays are the worst thing there is on this planet. Apparently, this was not the case for me, as from last week we started to work in the Motion Capture Studio @Bradford University. Our tutor, Karl Abson, explained the entire process of setting-up the marker system, how to properly dress the suit, and how to calibrate the cameras. In our lab we use 16 Vicon T20 (2mpx & max 500fps) , reflective markers and some brand new suits which apparently cost @ £500/piece (!!pricey :P).
I had the opportunity to record some video footage to use as a reference for the clean-up process and I’ve also taken some stills as the “actors” (my colleagues Shabz & Becky) were having so much fun interpreting a scene from Harry Potter. Hopefully we will be able to clean the give data and get a good grade for it (hooray!). Meanwhile, I’m reading stuff about Vicon cameras & PS Eye system as I plan to compare them and see which is more affordable for a school/small company (yeah…the Vicon is expensive and produces great results, but the PS Eye needs to be mentioned as well). As soon as I finish with all the deadlines I will post the entire research and hopefully someone will read it and draw a conclusion (an affordable and reliable system has to be designed in the future!).

Until then, enjoy the photos!

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