Quirky and distinctive, Hebden Bridge Arts Festival is an annual celebration of Hebden’s creativity and unique landscape. Now in its 23rd year, it’s one of Yorkshire’s longest running arts festivals with a reputation for delivering big names in a local setting.


The festival organisers commissioned me to deliver a short highlights video of the entire festival. The brief was to capture as many activities as possible, and a diverse audience, in a clip shorter than 2 minutes.

The organisers planned on using this promotional video on the new festival website, as well as sharing it on various social media platforms.
The main challenge of this project was to gather all the footage from every individual performance (more than 40 acts over a period of two weeks).


  • Camera Op
  • Video Editing
  • Premiere
  • After Effects
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Yorkshire Widdop Reservoir 4Mytholmroyd Arts Festival 2016 - Ceramic Spoons