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Subprime – Directed by Beeple from Portable on Vimeo.

Couple of days ago I was looking on Vimeo for some VJ Clips and I discovered a 3D artist that works mostly in Cinema 4DMike Winkelmann is a graphic designer from Wisconsin, USA and he produces live visuals that were used by artists such as Deadmau5TiëstoWolfgang Gartner, etc…. Subprime is a video made for American Housing Market @ 3 years ago and Mike was kind enough to release also the Cinema 4D project file for it. I really enjoyed watching his animation especially when I heard that he didn’t used Mograph to edit his animation and the entire work was done by hand which is impressive but let’s cut the talking and watch the video. Don’t forget to watch all his work by going here and here. Enjoy !

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