The Unbearable Lightness of the Soap Bubble

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A great love story between two paper clips and some bubble soaps running in the air. This stop motion animation made by Octavian Fedorovici is simply amazing and the music gives an extra plus to the whole animation. I forgot to mention that the music was done by Bogdan Moraru & Alex Iovan. I was actually surprised that this was a project done by a Romanian fellow since in Romania there aren’t too many people producing good quality stop-motion animations. In fact I believe that this is a good sign, showing that good pieces of art can be created everywhere and as long as you have imagination you can create amazing artworks. Octavian studied at University Of Art & Design based in Cluj-Napoca , Romania  and it’s quite impressive since I know how the system works in these schools, and the fact that most of the times the teachers are killing the students creativity. It seems like this wasn’t the case of Octavian which has a great skill for animation. Keep up the good  🙂

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