What Is a Good Storyboard?

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Generally, the storyboard is a further development of the script of the film in which, usually, the imperfections in the structure and format of the script are detected and corrected by the director. The storyboard represents a series of drawn images that portray in a graphic way all the action described in the script. It, then, allows the writer, director, producer and animation team to see and realize the content and length of the project (White, 1988).

In terms of “good” or “bad” storyboards, it is clear that the good ones are qualified to the effectiveness and efficiency of the film. While creating the good storyboard, the artist should bear in mind the 5 W’s, namely, Who, What, Whom, Where and Why in order to meet the requirements of a good storyboard. Moreover, in order to complete the story, the artist must be aware of the general terms and elements of the story that should also appear in the storyboard, such as: protagonist, antagonist, plot, setting, turning point, dialog, introduction, conclusion, narration and points of view.  Lastly, in order to make the storyboard stand out, the artist should be aware of the style of it and of the accuracy of graphically description of the story.


White, T. (1988) The Animator’s Workbook; New York: Watson-Guptill Publications;

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