Will A Home Office Suit Your Needs?

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If you are planning on branching out on your own, handing in your notice and starting your own business empire, you might be a little worried about your finances. Overheads can soon run away with you, you may need to hire staff, outsource certain business functions and seek additional funding. Your cash flow and financial buoyancy could make or break the success of your venture. To limit the hit on your purse strings you need to cut back where you can, and a home office could be the ideal place to start. Rather than taking an expensive lease out on a vast premises, a spare room, shed or your dining room table may suffice. Take a look to see if a home office will suit your needs.

What Is Your Startup?

If you are planning on importing all sorts of weird and wonderful bulky stock to sell in your home country, the chances are that a small home office will not suit your needs. You will need a warehouse or other large space to store your wares. However, if your online business is more service provision such as a small accountancy firm specializing in tax advice for contractors, or you are a blogger, or you can carry out your service via remote working, than it may make financial sense to work from home, at least initially. If you are not client facing and you have the willpower to not procrastinate for hours on end, a home office might be the cheaper option.

Separating Your Home And Work Life

Striking the perfect work to home life balance is tricky at the best of times. This can be made even tougher when you complete your nine to five in the same place as where you watch TV, play with your kids and eat your meals. You will need to section off a discrete area of your home, so you are not disturbed. At the same time, you cannot allow distractions to hamper your productivity. Your games room might be spacious, but the lure of your Xbox means you won’t get much of your online marketing strategy honed.


If you are planning on becoming an eBay entrepreneur, your home office may suffice. You will also have small overheads when it comes to your online presence as you will only need to utilize free social media platforms to direct traffic to your eBay site. There’s no need for a fully fledged ecommerce site initially until you have tested the waters with the synonymous online auction site. You can set up a small photo studio with some white background and a tripod and camera, to create the perfect shots to show your wares, and with a WiFi connection, you can upload your goods ready for sale. All you need is your home office.

While starting a new business can be daunting, your overheads needn’t be. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and try to work out ways to shave off your expenses. A home office is the perfect place to start.

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