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Yesterday, while I was working on a project I discovered that I really don’t know how to copy a UV map from an object to another in MAYA. So I created this tutorial for those who don’t know how to do this. Be aware that if you’re copying an UV set from an object to another, when you will try to edit the UV from the primary object, all the objects that have the shared UV will be modified. Also don’t forget to apply the material to the object before copying the UV maps.

So here we go:

I have two barrels and I want them to share the same UV map

First of all you need to select both objects (Shift + Select), be aware that the first object that needs to be selected is the one with the good UV map.

After selecting the objects go and switch your view to “Polygons” (1) and then go to Mesh>Transfer Attributes , click on the option box and a pop-up will show. Modify your settings like the one below and hit Transfer.

That’s it ! now you should have two objects sharing the same UV map. I hope this tutorial was helpful. Please share if you liked it. Thanks !

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  • Kera

    Thank you! I am working on a project for school, this was very helpful!

    • Raphael Pavel

      I’m glad this article helped you. Good luck with your projects 🙂

  • Gonzalo


    I´m trying to copy the Uvs of an object imported from 3ds Max but, when I transfer the Uvs, all the polygons appears separated on the destination object. I´ve followed all the setps, but my uvs still appears cut

    Tahnk you 🙂

    • Raphael Pavel

      Hi Gonzalo,

      Unfortunately I don’t have a Max model to test right now, but have you tried using the Auto Unwrap and put a random texture on the object to see if the model has no artifacts in it? (maybe the mesh needs to be cleaned).

  • Tomiwa

    can you mirror uvs or copy parts of them so that if you’ve completely mapped part of the objects and what to transfer that map to other parts of the same object?

    • Raphael Pavel

      Hi Tomiwa,

      I don’t think that’s possible unless you have an object that is symmetrical. Lets say we have half a head, and we want to mirror the UV’s as well. When you mirror the geometry you will be able to mirror the UV’s as well (considering that they are already mapped and have a texture applied). It is a difficult process giving the fact that Autodesk has not implemented that function yet, or maybe I just haven’t heard of it.

  • Reply

    Привет! I flip normals on the mirrored object again. At this point one size of the shoes has right texture with correct UV map for both mirrored and not mirrored mesh.

  • Erick

    Just trying to transfer UV scale from one object to a completely different one, and this technique doesn’t allow me to do so, do you know a way in maya 2016 to achieve that?

    • Raphael Pavel

      Hi Erick, as far as I know Maya won’t allow you to do this. You need similar topology to transfer the UV’s from one mesh to another. The official guide can be found here:

  • kenus

    Here I have other problem with this method.
    After that process, that you made UV maps are all separate one by one. Border edges are everywhere,
    I tried to sew them in UVeditor, but it doesn’t work.. how should I attach them as one piece again?

  • dude

    Can you do this but just copy the texture into a new object that already has UVs but just flip them? I have a character with two eyes and need the eye texture to be separate UV maps on both eyes.

  • Moni Jak

    You just saved my life and my bachelor, because it never worked with diffrent settings and this just was the Right thing. Thank you so much 🙂

  • Sushmitha Emandi

    What should I do if I want to transfer UVs for more than 1 object at a time..!!??

  • Emma

    Thought i’d mention this incase anyone was looking and wanted to know, if you want the other objects to not keep any further UV changes that the original has after you’ve transferred UVs, you can delete the history and they will stop following the original object.

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