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As you probably know last week was very busy here in Bradford. Why? Because Bradford hosted a big event called BAF (Bradford Animation Festival) which is the UK’s longest-running animation festival that takes place every November at the National Media Museum. In the 6th day of the festival, my University lecturer, Jason Theaker held a talk about a recent animation project. Long story short, below you can find the details of the talk from the BAF site :

 Jason Theaker (freelance animator and tutor at Bradford University) along with James Thompson (a Bradford University student), explain how tackling a real commercial commission from an optometry client helped refine the industry skills and talent of the students working on the brief.

I also have to mention that they won the “Best Educational Video” award for the most informative, educational, promotional and entertaining video made by, or for, the optical community.

Below you can watch the finished animation :



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