Kingston upon Hull Day Trip

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Just to catch up on things, out last day trip found us visiting Kingston-Upon-Hull

This time, apart from wandering and seeing new place, we also met up our good friend who lives there, completing his studies at the University of Hull. Keeping this in mind it was a really nice experience.

We reached Hull around 11am and once we got off the bus, we scented that specific sea-side smell: the surroundings were definitely changed; even the birds – loads of seagulls, obviously!

After seeing bits of Hull’s city centre, we decided to visit Hull & East Riding Museum. The museum was very interesting and catchy to pick it up first because it was telling the story of Hull and East Riding area, from different points of view, exploring the geology and archeology findings together with facts about the sea-life. 

The next bit we visited was the Streetlife Museum which was the story of the means of transport within the same area. The museum beautifully uncovered over 200 years of transport with scenarios, sounds and smells just to regenerate a possible journey back in time. We admired a good preserved collection of trains, cars, bicycles and also replicas of groceries stores, general stores or chemist’s. However, the only thing we didn’t see inside this museum was the means of transport using a ship. But bearing in mind that Hull is a port, the ship was waiting for us in port.

So here was the most exciting part of our visit there, in the beautiful city of Hull: re-living the dangerous work of those sailors who were staying up to 3 weeks, thousands of miles away from home on the Arctic Corsair just to put fresh fish on the nations tables. There we stood for approximately two hours and listened to the most terrifying stories that actually happened on that ship. The tour guide had been a sailor himself and he had the knowledge to describe us all the habits and rules the crew had to respect: from eating to sleeping, from taking a shower to going back on deck to work, everything was an adventure for them so to be able to earn money to support their families.

With the hearts and minds enriched with so many stories we finished our tours and carried on wondering around. Just before the coach was to leave, we had a well-deserved lunch where we had time to catch up on things and reflect on the experience we had that day. Maybe in the near future we will go back in Hull, this time for a bit of sunbathing.    

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