Lovely Afternoon in Haworth

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[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast week we had a really nice afternoon in Haworth while taking part in the traditional Torch Light Procession.

The Yorkshire village of Haworth, home of the world famous authors the Bronte sisters, is very picturesque at all times of the year. But must never be missed a visit around Christmas time as the shop windows and houses are beautifully decorated in traditional style.

We reached Haworth around noon and the first thing we did, was to pay a visit to the Bronte Parsonage Museum, the home of famous authors Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne Bronte. Behind the big house, there is the village graveyard with old tombstones, a very good opportunity for taking artistic and interesting photographs.  

Around 3 o’clock we had the chance to take part in the Torchlight Procession down the Main Street accompanied by the Holly Queen and traditional dancers called Morris Dancers, together with bands and choirs singing carols.

We literally took our way down the Main Street along with the big crowd of people, muttering carols and having a really nice time. At the bottom of the hill a huge Christmas tree waited for us to take photos and sing more traditional carols.

After the wonderful event, we took our time around the vintage boutiques which were selling a wide range of gifts for every member of the family. At a certain point we enjoyed a hot cup of tea in a local tea room, surrounded in the same festive atmosphere.

It was wonderful to get ‘lost’ between local people, giving us the feeling that in a sense or another we kind of belonged to that place.

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