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As I mentioned before, I will post at least one article/week containing all the great stories that I’ve read on Twitter and Flipboard. I must tell you that Flipboard changed my life, well, not entirely, but there are so many great articles there and it’s impossible not to spend couple of minutes reading them. Yesterday, while browsing on Twitter I discovered this article on Techradar where DreamWorks is getting into the technical part of their animations.Dreamworks Rise of the Guardians


I was surprised to see that all their recent animations were made on HP workstations and animators have PC’s with 32GB of RAM, a 160GB SSD boot drive (and a 500GB data drive),  an Nvidia Quadro 5000 graphics card (which itself has 352 cores), not to mention the dual-monitors. Well, it seems like the industry standard is changing day by day and the new technologies are so great that you can render a 4K frame in only 10 seconds.

Another interesting fact was the total effort required, a typical DreamWorks film has about 270 billion pixels that have to be precisely choreographed in the final movie. Also, to create an animated film such as Rise of the Guardians, DreamWorks might render as much as 65 million hours of footage to come up with 90 minutes of worthwhile materials.

HP Z820


  • In the second part of this article I will talk about a tutorial made by Exposureguide called “Teen Photography Tips”. In my past I had lost of problems finding a great place to photograph teenagers or to capture a great moment from their lives so please spend  couple on minutes reading this great article.

Photographing Teenagers

The teenage years are a transitional period on the threshold of adulthood. You’ll want to capture this special time in their lives photographically, because they are learning who they will become in life, and that is an exciting time. Here are some tips on how to enhance your efforts in photographing teenagers.

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