A Good Modelling for Animation

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A Good Modeling for Animation

Character modeled for animation is modeled to deform well in animation. In order to tackle high poly modeling, it is necessary to follow some steps to create a good modeling for animation.

The first step is documentation representing the details about the anatomy, proportions, costumes (as the example shows a character dressed in a neoprene suit) and functionality.


Artwork represents the second step, finding the details about the materials and shapes for the modeling stage.


Establishing proportions as the third step suggests several layers that help at the modeling of the animation character.

The first layer is the use of the human skeleton for the realistic proportion (7 ½ heads tall) and marking the bones further help determine the proportion.

Skeleton Markers

The second layer represents the base geometry (Zsphere tools are used to establish basic shapes).

Zbrush Skeleton
Human Zbrush


The third layer is the creation of the neoprene suit geometry.

Diver Neoprene Suit Zbrush

The fourth step is the base proxy model when the fourth layer is added: the object library which are modularly built and mirrored.

Final Components

The fifth step is about adding detail as the base geometry is imported to Zbrush while each subtool is divided and sculpted according to size and visibility.
Zbrush Diver Geometry Subtool
Neoprene suit evolution Zbrush
Diver image references example
Zbrush tiled alpha texture

The sixth and final step the final presentation when all the subtools are exported to Maya as a single geometry.

Diver imported in Maya
Diver Maya Rig and Pose
Diver Zbrush Pose
Final Character ready for rigging




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  • Randy Mathew

    Nice steps for creating a model of animation. I wonder if it is also possible to make a finished model without following the steps listed above?

    • admin

      Well it depends on what you need. For example this character was created for a game, so the guy that did it made 2 versions of it (low and high poly). In the end it seems like there’s no right and wrong. …everyone is building his own style of modelling.

  • GameYan

    Your article is really very nice. A good poly work &sculpting work . Thanks.

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